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Where we work

Mustard Seed works in an urban area on the north coast of Mombasa. This area is very poor and overcrowded. Most families live in Swahili houses in a single room and share a toilet with five other families. Almost all are malnourished, eating only maize-meal, but some are starving. From the very beginning, the aim of Mustard Seed Project has been to give people education and skills to enable them to escape the poverty 

Parts of this area flood in the rainy season and there is no rubbish collection. Below you can see the inside and outside of a Swahili house. As you will see animals roam the community scavanging off the rubbish. There is no running water in the houses and women are forced to collect it in large plastic drums.

The Community

This was once a leafy suburb of Mombasa but as people came to the city to find work that did not exist the community became more and more overcrowded.