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Volunteer in Kenya

Currently, most volunteer positions are in the school. Volunteering is free with Mustard Seed Project but you will of course be required to pay for your own living expenses. We are particularly looking for qualified primary or lower secondary teachers to enhance the skills of our teachers. 

We are also looking for good photographers or video makers for our website and other promotional material. You do not need to be a professional photograher, just a skilled amateur. You  may not need to stay as long as volunteers in the school unless you wanted to of course.

Most volunteers stay for three weeks or more but shorter periods may be considered, particularly if you have previous experience of volunteering in a developing country.

We are also interested in anyone who has skills that will enhance the experience of our teachers or children for example drama, music or IT. 

If you think you could help please get in touch. Rita would be very happy to speak to you. 

Volunteer in the UK

Apart from the trustees we have one wonderful volunteer in the UK  and would really love to have more. We particularly need someone to take responsibility for Social Media and Google ads. If you think you would be able to help us please do get in touch. And of course we are always looking for people to run fundraising events for us