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Sponsor a child in Africa

Our children are being very succcessful in their primary education and with the advent of ‘free’ secondary education they have far greater opportunities.  Unfortunately ‘free’ secondary education is very expensive for many of our parents as they are still expected to pay for stationery, exercise books etc.and they simply cannot afford the £19 per month that it costs.

We also seek to support those with special needs that we simply cannot cater for. Some who are deaf or have cerebral palsy and others with different special needs. These cost between £19 and £70 per month.

Then there are our most able children who could go from deprivation to become doctors or lawyers and make a real difference to their community. Sponsorship of these children also costs £70 per month.

Please do not be put off sponsorship because the cost is higher than you could afford. You could be one of several who make it possible for a child to progress. Regular donations are the life blood of the charity and everyone’s support makes a difference whether it be £5 or £500 or any other number inbetween..