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Miche Bora Nursery and Primary school

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This is a glimpse inside the school. Read the history of our school and FAQ to know more
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Enjoying Jigsaw puzzles

When we first brought out jigsaw puzzles the children has no idea what to do with them. It is actually an excellent skill for developing spatial awareness.

poor children learning together
feeding programme at Miche Bora

Lunchtime at Miche Bora

Children get a balanced meal every day. Notice that they eat with their hands.

Learning in the new school building

Our building and furniture demonstrate the change in learning style that our children and teachers had to become accustomed to. In most Kenyan schools children sit at desks facing the front learning by rote.

mustard seed charity school children

Meet some of our children

We have 300 children aged from 3 years to 14 years. They are taught in classes of 25. 

Deaf child Mustard Seed Project Kenya


Hope our first deaf child

Collecting lunch in the new building


Amina getting her lunch

Nursery child at Miche Bora


James using playdough in the nursery

poor girls at Miche Bora School

Stella, Lillian, Jane

Stella, Lillian and Jan enjoying being photographed

Inside and outside the school