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Mustard Seed Project Volunteers
              Lesley Evans                 Seb Pasteiner
has spent the whole of her adult life in education having worked with the entire age range from the very young to adults. Lesley's extensive experience  will be a great asset to MSP. She will spend much of her time working in the early years classes helping to develop teaching practice. She will also work with the women's groups giving practical skills which will help them to set up their own businesses. She will be there for 4 weeks in October and November 2013.   is a chartered accountant who lives in London. He stayed for 6 weeks in Kenya in May and June 2013 using his experience and skills to support the coordinator to enable her to develop a good accounting system. He made an incredible difference which was very much appreciated. He had previously worked abroad teaching English in China, and had backpacked a fair bit around the world but this was his first time in Africa.
               Julia Gauffin                 Jari Avikainen 
is a Finnish drama instructor and artist. In January 2013 she stayed three weeks in Mombasa with Jari working for MSP. She gave some drama workshops in Hope Academy's school for the pupils with special needs, supported youth dance and theatre groups in the Mgongeni area and helped at Miche Bora school. Currently Julia is performing and teaching performing arts in Finland but will make a second trip to Mombasa with Jari in September 2013.   has graduated from a Finnish dance school and has also studied computer and language sciences in Finnish universities. He worked for MSP in the community and in Miche Bora computer class. He also assisted Julia with drama workshops and met Mgongeni's youth groups together with her. Currently Jari is both working and studying in Finland but will return to Mombasa with Julia in September 2013.

Rebecca Ginnn   Helen Gibson
lives in Brighton. She is a qualified primary school teacher currently teaching year one in a school specialising in supporting children with hearing impairments. She has worked in a nursery for 5 years. With her family she has supported an orphanage in India for 10 years. Becky worked at Miche Bora Nursery and Primary School for a month summer (2012) with her friend Sarah. She offered valuable help and support, especially with Hope our profoundly deaf child in the nursery.

  Helen Gibson lives in Lichfield. She is waiting to begin a teacher training course, having completed a Master’s degree in International Development. She has spent time working as a youth worker and as a classroom assistant in an Early Years class. Helen  spent 7 weeks working at Miche Bora (from February 2013) supporting teachers and working towards setting up a new library for the wider community in Mgongeni. The library is now in use and very much appreciated.

Sarah Carruthers   Anne Lees
lives in Brighton. She is a qualified primary teacher, with extensive nursery experience. She is currently working within a nursery and supports a child with special educational needs. She has volunteered in a school in South Africa in the past. Sarah worked at Miche Bora Nursery and Primary School summer (2012) with her friend Becky. She offered valuable help and support.

  lives in the Peterborough area. She does secretarial work for MSP. She is also involved in publicity, research and writing articles for local magazines and newspapers.

    Elizabeth Griffin

  is an Australian who having recently qualified as a teacher decided to go and work on our project in Mgongeni for a couple of months in summer 2010. She taught in the school during this time under quite difficult circumstances as we were then in a very small building. Elizabeth continues to publicise the work of MSP in Australia.

    Updated September 2013
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