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Shopping list for Mustard Seed Project


Below are some ideas of what your money could buy. If you would like to donate towards something specifically please let us know.

For a class in our new school

There are 25 children in a class

You could make a donation towards the following list.

  1. A mug and plate for the feeding programme cost £1.50 per child.

  2. Exercise books and pencils for one child cost £7 per year

  3. A chair costs £12 per child.

  4. A book case costs £30

  5. 100 bricks towards our new classroom costs £30

  6. Hoops and Skipping ropes for a class cost £50

  7. Text books for children to share one between two cost £70 per subject for a class of 25

  8. A whiteboard costs £75

  9. A table for six children costs £70

  10. Kiswahili reading scheme books for a class cost £120

  11. A tall lockable cupboard costs £200

  12. Bricks for a complete classroom cost £300

  13. A classroom for our new school costs £8000


                        For our exisiting school

You could make a donation or set up a regular payment towards the following;

  1. £14 per month will pay school fees for a child

  2. £3 per month would pay for a daily bowl of porridge for a child

  3. Shoes for a child cost £10

  4. Uniform costs £10

  5. A teacher costs £85 per month

  6.  Electricity costs £40 per month

  7. A cleaner costs £50 per month

  8. £1200 per month would pay for a balanced meal for 250 children


   The community project including women and young people

You could make a donation or set up a regular payment towards the following;

  1.  A new well costs £3000

  2.  A new laptop costs £300

  3.  Fees for a football team to play in the league for a season £100

  4. Mosquito net treatment £5 per 10 nets

  5. Footballs --£10

  6. Youth business training -- £320 would support a young person whilst they attended college to get a qualification for a job.

  7. £50 --  will give a woman a start-up loan to progress her business.


You could make a donation or set up a regular payment towards the following;

1. £200 could pay for 20 women to receive health training to help keep their friends and family well.

2. £200 would pay a nurses salary for a month

3. £80 per month could pay for medicines and resources for the clinic.


If you are a UK taxpayer and wish us to claim gift aid just state this with your donation. This is worth and additional 25% from the tax man at no cost to yourself.



Updated September 2017    

 Sponsor Now 

50p per day will provide all educational costs and porridge for a needy child


 Give Now 

A gift of £3 will buy 10 bricks to help build Miche Bora Primary School


 Invest Now 

£320 could enable a young person to acquire skills for work


The Mustard Seed Project (Kenya), UK Registered Charity No. 1127935,
Company Limited by Guarantee No. 6778042 and registered as a Charitable Trust in Kenya.