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  Northborough Primary School

The children of year 4 and year 5 worked with Reta and Mrs White to raise £160.90
WOW! this is absolutely amazing all of you. Thank you so much. This will make a great difference to our children

Updated May 2016

Mrs White and Year Two held a potato party and invited guests to attend. They raised £101.04!
Fantastic all of you. Thank you so much. This will make lots of bowls of porridge.

Updated October 2015






Photograph taken by Monia Antonioli

In September 2015 we were presented with a box of money raised by the children of Northborough. Thank you so much everyone. You managed to raise the magnificent sum of £181.31 which is absolutely brilliant. That will buy a lot of porridge.      Northborough children have done a large number of fundraising events for Mustard Seed and we really appreciate their support.


Updated February 2014  Thank you to everyone at Northborough Primary for the football boots for our children and the youth football team in Mgongeni. Playing football without boots is not easy and they are so enthusiastic about this. I suppose most young boys dream of being a famous footballer and our boys are no different. They will be so pleased to receive the boots.


Updated December 2013  Northborough children and staff have continued to support MSP and this time they have provided us with a big bag of football boots. Second hand football boots may not sound exciting to you but to our football teams in Kenya it sounds wonderful. Long may they continue coming.

 They have also been collecting money in a jar which came to a grand total of £29.78. Enough to buy 100 bricks for the building we are just about to start. Remember, 900 bricks will build a classroom.

 Updated March 2013  Northborough children and staff have just purchased another 61 bricks bringing the total to 552 bricks. Fantastic everyone. You'll soon have enough for a classroom.

Updated November 2012  Northborough children have now bought almost 500 bricks for the new Miche Bora Primary School. Almost half a classroom. Some children are still bringing in their pennies for the jar whilst others are buying bricks. It all makes such a difference everyone so keep up the good work.

Updated July 2012 The children have worked really hard this year raising money for Mustard Seed Project. They have collected pennies in jars, baked cakes and are now buying bricks for us to start building our new school.

The children have also written letters to the children at Miche Bora and received replies from very happy Kenyan children. It's an exciting thing for the children in both countries to learn quite how much they have in common.




                                                                 John Cancea year 5

Updated October 2011 John did a sponsored cycle ride round Rutland Water. He raised £20 for MSP. A big thank you to John

Updated July 2011 Northborough school have come up trumps again raising more than £200. They have continued to save pennies and twopences in a jar for Mustard Seed which is making a great difference to our children especially in light of the drought in Eastern Africa.

Thanks to a magnificent effort by Year 3 who had a cake sale their jar held almost £70. Thank you year 3. What a difference that will make.

Finally a special mention for Libby Cawsey in year 2. She brought in pennies almost every day and managed to raise over £9 by herself. Well done Libby.

Many Northborough children have been writing to the children at Miche Bora school and the trustees have been acting as couriers for the letters. The children love receiving the letter and it is great for them to know that children in the UK are interested in. They too are curious about the children in England.  Now Miche Bora has it's own address so that children can write to them directly at Miche Bora Primary School, PO Box 40731, Mombasa, Kenya.


Updated April 2011  Northborough School continue to generously support Mustard Seed Project. In the Spring term 2011 Year 5 raised £30 through a cake sale in school. Well done Year 5.

The school continue to collect 1p and 2p coins in a jar and managed to raise £94.79 during the term. Foundation again made a supreme effort and managed to raise £29.15 meaning that they look after the Mustard Seed Trophy for another term as well as receiving another certificate each.


The children in Miche Bora also greatly appreciate the letters they receive from several Northborough children.

Updated January 2011  Zoe Stott in Year 6 was recently sponsored to undertake a Fun Run for Mustard Seed Project. Zoe managed to raise £40 completely by her own effort. This makes a huge difference to our children. Well done Zoe and thank you so much for your efforts. They are greatly appreciated.


The children and staff at Northborough Primary School continue to actively support Mustard Seed Project and their school Miche Bora Primary School by collecting loose change in sweet jars.

Amazingly, in the autumn term children collected £183.53. Even more amazing is the fact that  it was Foundation who lead the way. Three weeks before the end of term there was a plea for a new sweet jar as the original jar had collapsed under the weight. In just 10 weeks the children had collected £58.33. This is a record amount which will make a huge difference to our children in Kenya.




 Sponsor Now 

50p per day will provide all educational costs and porridge for a needy child


 Give Now 

A gift of £3 will buy 10 bricks to help build Miche Bora Primary School


 Invest Now 

£320 could enable a young person to acquire skills for work


The Mustard Seed Project (Kenya), UK Registered Charity No. 1127935,
Company Limited by Guarantee No. 6778042 and registered as a Charitable Trust in Kenya.