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Graduation Day                   November 2016

 What a wonderful celebration and what a magnificent turnout.The whole celebration was organised by the teachers including a presentation from every class and lunch for 300 parents and children. In Kenya it is common for children leaving KG3 at 6 years of age to graduate into the Primary School. An excuse for a party and presentation really.

One of the highlights was a poem recited in unison by the older children. It was written by one of the teachers in Swahili and at one stage the parents were all cheering. It would appear that the section in question related to praise for the way they are taught at Miche Bora. That they are not taught by rote but are taught to think. More importantly the applause was for the success in their exams without cheating! This is not the case in many of the local schools.





                                                           CLINIC HAS OPENED                                 March 2016

Our clinic which was opened in June is moving across to the new building. It is still serving our children and their families in the hope that we can keep them all well but now it will be in a purpose built room.

All children will be carefully monitored in order that we might detect problems early. We shall also provide family planning and ante and post-natal care. We shall be working collaboratively with another clinic nearby which mainly treats AIDS patients. They will dispose of all our dirty stuff and in exchange we shall provide their AIDS patients with condoms. Their clinic has been built in the grounds of a Roman Catholic church which forbids the use of condoms. Such a pity at this is the most effective prevention of AIDS available.

A volunteer has been working in the clinic for the last four weeks and I am looking forward to hearing what she felt about her experience.


                        PAUL RAISES  £1,883 fOR MICHE BORA CHILDREN    June 2016

Paul had just cycled the Scottish Highlands North Coast 500 to raise money for Mustard Seed. It took a week to complete this arduous cycle ride which involved more uphill miles than the ascent of Everest.  A magnificent achievement. A big thank you Paul.




                          FEEDING PROGRAMME FOR MICHE BORA                April 2015

Like most small African Charities involved in education a feeeding programme is a major priority. In Mgongeni few people are starving but malnutrition is a huge problem as people exist on one meal of maizemeal a day. For the children of  Miche Bora Primary this has ceased to be an issue thanks to a generous donation from the Herrod Foundation a Swiss Charitable Trust plus a UK donor and Simran our feeding programme is secure for another year. The Herrod Foundation started supporting our children four years ago and we were absolutely delighted when they decided to continue their support.

The Trust has enabled us to provide a balanced diet to our children who are already looking healthier. The meal, which includes fruit and vegetables plus pulses and maize meal was deemed by the headteacher to be the sort of diet that only the very rich could afford.

The parents are delighted that the programme can continue and of course there are other benefits. The children are concentrating much better in class and the rate of absenteeism has greatly reduced! 

The Herrod Foundation has many calls on its money however and we have been warned that they may be unable to continue this next year. Regular donations would allow us to continue this essential programme.

A donation of £18 per month would allow us to provide mid morning porridge and a balanced mid-day meal every day for three children.





                                           NURSE ALICE VOLUNTEERS                       June 2016

Thinking of volunteering abroad? You can volunteer for free with Mustard Seed Project.  Alice is one of a number of volunteers who have spent time in our school in Kenya. They are making such a difference and if you think you have skills to offer we would love to hear from you. Alice has just spent a month working with our children and the nursing team. Alice is a children's nurse and she worked in our new clinic and also in the school.

Alice chose to work with Mustard Seed as her elective just before she qualifies. She worked alongside our experienced nurses, Winnie and Flora in our clinic and also had experience in Coast General. It sounds very exciting and I only wish I could have been there too. A big thank you to Alice for her contribution to our school.

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Samuel is profoundly deaf and has the same degree of hearing loss as Hope. He is also the same age. This is proving to be a great asset for both children as they learn to sign together at Miche Bora School.

When Samuel joined Miche Bora he did not have hearing aids but and this was delaying his progress. A UK volunteer, Sue Gilbert is did a sponsored walk and raised the necessary funds. This is making such a difference to Samuel. A big thank you to Sue.

We now have a third child, John, who also now has hearing aids thanks to a donor. John is younger than the other two but very bright and is making excellent progress.





                           Oliver cycles 100 km and raises £350                                        June 2016


Oliver is amazing. At just nine years of age he cycled 100 km and raised £350 for the children of Miche Bora.  (worth another £87.50 with gift-aid).  This will make such a difference. This money could be enough to pay the school fees for two children for a whole year. You might imagine that this would be enough for Oliver but he immediately started talking about what he could do next to help Mustard Seed Project. Well done Oliver and a big thank you from all at Mustard Seed Project!




                                SONAL CLIMBS KILIMANJARO FOR MSP             October 2015

Sonal decided to raise money for Mustard Seed and what better way to do it than with this incredible personal challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro. Not only did she climb to the top of the mountain she also came down to Mombasa to visit the school when Rita and Geoff were there. A great occasion for us all.

The children had a great time with her and showed quite how knowledgeable they were about climbing the mountain. They asked better questions than most adults would have.

Sonal then went to see the furniture being made that she had raised the money for and also saw what had been done in preparation for the clinic.

Thank you so much Sonal. Your efforts have made such a difference.

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