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   Market Deeping Primary School  
  The children and staff have worked hard again to support Mustard Seed Project. Children's housepoints convert into pennies which are then given to the charity. This time they have managed to raise £88.63 which shows quite how hard the children have been working.

The children are also writing to the children in Kenya and are currently collecting football boots for them.

The next thing to be planned is a video showing school life in the UK and Miche Bora Primary will make one to show the children at MDCP.

A big thank you to everyone for their efforts.

                                                                                                  Updated May 2015

We are so pleased to thank Market Deeping School once again for their support. We now have a large number of Big Books to go with the reading scheme donated last year. This is making such a difference to our school in Mgongeni. I can't wait to see the faces when I go out with these books.

A big thank you to everyone for your continued support.

                                                                                            Updated February 2014 


MDCP has continued to offer support to MSP in so many ways. The donated reading scheme has been an enormous asset to our school and now in September 2013 we have just been presented with a cheque for £362. This is more than enough to buy bricks for a classroom for our new school.

A big thank you to everyone involved. You are making such a difference in Kenya.

Updated September 2013

A big thank you to MDCP who continue to support MSP in a variety of ways. Earlier this year (2012) the children made a great film of life in school which was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and staff at Miche Bora Primary School. So much so that the children in Kenya decided to make their own for us to bring back to the UK. (This is now available for all to see on our homepage)

Letters are also being relayed to and fro between the children with the UK and our children in Kenya with the trustees acting as postman. A much more reliable form of post than the traditional method.

In the autumn term 2012 some of the proceeds from the school's harvest festival were donated to the school in Kenya, a cheque for more than £100 which makes a great difference in Kenya.

Then in November we received an unexpected and very welcome donation of a complete reading scheme. The scheme did not meet with the UK government's new recommendations for teaching reading but what a fantastic bonus for our children in Kenya.

A big thank you to the children and staff of Market Deeping Community Primary School.

Updated December 2012

During the busy spring and summer terms of 2010 Market Deeping Primary School linked their support for The Mustard Seed Project with the 2010 World Cup and their Fair Trade and Enterprise activities. In May all of the children took part in an Enterprise Activity Event, which ran for two weeks. During this time the children were asked to think of different ways of raising small amounts of money during their morning break. Working with a group of friends they sold drinks, biscuits or cakes, designed a treasure map or ran a small competition or raffle. Throughout this event the emphasis was on the children working co-operatively, rather than on the amount they raised. As a result of their efforts the children raised a total of £247.

As the World Cup approached the children collaborated to put together a musical extravaganza featuring songs and dance inspired by Africa, called "Africa Rocks". The work of the Mustard Seed Project was brought to the attention of the audience at the start of the each performance and donations were invited. The children were delighted to have raised over £300 during their four performances. In addition to these big events, the children have also raised money through selling jewellery and healthy Fair Trade snacks at their school discos. They also donated the proceeds of their harvest festival in Autumn 2010 to the Mustard Seed Project which raised another £189.

Well done Market Deeping Primary and a big thank you from Mustard Seed Project. This money has made a great difference to our school in Kenya.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Updated May 2011

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